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Mixes made for Rockers by Rockers

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[09 Jan 2010|04:54pm]

I swear I haven't forgotten about this! My new charger comes next week so hopefully by the end of next week I'll post a few mixes ;]
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[28 Jun 2009|07:09pm]

we're paralyzed, we apologize
our hell is a good lifeCollapse )
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First post/mix [18 Jun 2009|11:11am]

This first post will be made public so you guys can get a feel of what this is all about.

This is actually my first ever mix made to share :)

I decided to make the "theme" the last 6 or so weeks of my life.
I've been going through a really rough time and these songs, in the order listed, describe lyrically as well as instrumentally the motions of my emotions and experiences.

I call it (kinda cheese, I know) Breaking Up, Down and Picking Up the Pieces
Sigh, here I go...Collapse )
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[17 Jun 2009|02:50pm]


Rockers Only.

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