we are not traitors but the lights go out (goblinbones) wrote in rockermixchange,
we are not traitors but the lights go out

we're paralyzed, we apologize

hi, hello, hi, this is nicole myles.

o1. roll, bus, roll - jeffrey lewis & the junkyard

o2. i tricked the devil - laughing owls

o3. our hell - emily haines & the soft skeleton

o4. i believe in immediacy - black bear

o5. the beer - kimya dawson

o6.anais nin vs. the pirates of santa cruz - the hot toddies

o7. untitled - apple trees and tangerines

o8. boom - anjulie

o9. killdeer - jubilee

1o. it's never that easy though, is it? - los campesinos!

11. when you were sweet - spoonboy

12. driving wheel - michael hurley

13. i won't be burned - little wings

14. lemon scented sheets - brother bird

15. bellashakti - okay
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