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rockermixchange's Journal

Mixes made for Rockers by Rockers
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1. Please make all posts "Members Only" because this was made for Rockers. If you would like to publicly share your mixes for all of livejournal to see, post in mixshare or another community of that nature.
2. List all tracks and provide individual track uploads (maybe someone already has 20% of your mix and has limited space on their computer?) in your entry. It's just courteous.
3. Respect each other. Even if someone puts a Nickelback song on their playlist, please hold your tongue (fingers?). Don't be a drama-mama.
4. Mixes can be themed, tell a story, be completely random or anything you desire them to be. Get creative!
5. Discussion posts are welcome, but try to stay on topic.

unhappy with these rules?
I'm always open to suggestions! :]

AIM: Liseraffe
Facebook: /cuuute
Email: lnolan08@simons-rock.edu